Welcome to Swiss Medicare

SwissMedicare develop’s and supplies natural feed and water additives for feed manufacturers, integrated meat processing factories, livestock businesses, farmers (beef, dairy, poultry, goat, aquaculture and equine) and veterinary clinics worldwide.

Wherever we bring animal nutrition solutions in the world, we are aware of the importance of our role. We contribute to efficient animal nutrition with right ingredients, because we know that our success is linked to animal wellfare, clean environment and human health.

Our Company also provides New Generation Bio-Fertilizers (Liquid and carrier based). We are engaged in supplying of assortment of Bio Fertilizers which is microorganism based fertilizers.

We are driven by a tremendous urge to realize our dreams for finding solutions to problems through technology.

Poultry Feeds

Different feed Microbiles, Toxin Binder, Appetite Stimulants & Performance Promoters.

Cattle Feeds

Different feed Probiotics, Anti Bacterials, Anthelmintics & Urogenital System

Organic Fertilizer

Liquid Organic Plant Food and Powder Plant Food which helps in growth of plants while also maintaining the quality of land.

Our Recommended Products

supplies natural feed additives